German Energy Transition in the European Energy System

About the project:

This project provides a model-based scenario analysis of developments in the German electricity system taking into account the European context until 2050.
Joint study with Öko-Institut & Eclareon, funded by BMWi . Assessment of the development of cross-border inter-connectors on the German electric borders and its impact on the development of the energy transition and the electricity supply industry in Germany. Within this project, the team of Jacobs University analyses the regulatory hurdles of inter-connector investments and the impacts of varying market designs in Europe (including capacity mechanisms) on the German electricity market.


Cross-border Electricity Interconnectors in the EU: the Status Quo
Gert Brunekreeft and Roland Meyer
Bremen Energy Working Papers No. 27, February 2018.
To be published in: The European Dimension of Germany’s Energy Transition – Opportunities and Conflicts, edited by by Erik Gawel, Sebastian Strunz, Paul Lehmann and Alexandra Purkus.

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11/2017 - 10/2022



Gert Brunekreeft
Bremen Energy Research
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