About us

Bremen Energy Research is a working group at Constructor University (formerly known as Jacobs University Bremen) dealing with economic issues of energy policy. Energy policy aims to ensure uninterrupted supply of energy (security of supply), at competitive prices (affordability), which contributes to EU’s wider social and climate goals (sustainability).

Within this EU energy policy triangle, our core competence is on “competitiveness” as part of sustainability goal: delivering energy in a cost-effective and economically efficient way. Competitiveness covers primarily debates surrounding liberalization, market design, competition policy, and network regulation. Based on the interdisciplinary competences of the team, our common research approach is economics. Focusing on applied research of energy supply, we address real-world problems with academic tools. While doing so, we cooperate with academic institutions, government offices, industry representatives and consultants. Currently our main research areas are

  • Streamlining the implementation of incentive regulation: ARegV
  • Next steps of network regulation: output-based regulation
  • Governance structures and market design for smart grids
  • Coordination mechanisms in the value chain
  • Tariff structure for network usage
  • Capacity mechanisms and the European Internal Market for Energy
  • Development of interconnectors